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Spring into action: book now for nursery and pre-school portraits

With spring around the corner, I'm busy preparing for the nursery and pre-school portrait season. Could I be the right fit for you?

The days are growing longer, the daffodils are in bloom, and the lawn has had its first trim – sure signs that spring is on its way (we won't mention the weather).


For me, the change of season marks a return to shooting nursery and pre-school portraits. And the good news? I have space to take on a couple of new settings this year.


Interested? Great! Read on to see if I’m right fit for your nursery or pre-school.

Embracing the outdoors

When taking nursery and pre-school portraits, my preference is always to shoot them outdoors. But why?

  1. It puts children at ease, especially if outdoor play is a core part of their learning experience. When children feel happy and comfortable, their portraits reflect this – resulting in authentic expressions that reflect each child’s true character.

  2. Natural light is my thing. I’ve spent years studying it, shooting in it, and honing my craft. From a child’s perspective, this means no bright flashes, big diffusers or unfamiliar backdrops. It’s just me, my camera, and some tricks up my sleeve to encourage those natural smiles and giggles. Not only that, but minimal equipment allows me to be nimble and responsive. If a child moves, I follow them – ensuring that no moment is missed.

  3. My portraits tell a story. By shooting in the grounds of your nursery or pre-school, your backdrop will be unique to your setting. For parents, this preserves authentic memories of their child’s pre-school experience. For you, it creates portraits that are on brand. And for me, it creates an opportunity to get creative with light and composition – providing each parent with a gallery that’s varied and appealing.


A nurturing approach

As a mum myself, I have the instincts and experience to engage with children effectively. I work with patience, understanding and good humour, and adapt to each child’s needs.


A streamlined experience

Once a shoot has taken place, parents and families deal with me direct. They purchase images via my online ordering service, so there’s no need for nursery or pre-school staff to collect order forms or payments.


The important stuff

I have an enhanced DBS certificate and take great care with the information I hold. Encrypted online photo storage and password-protected galleries mean that every child’s data is secure.


How to book

If you think we’d be a good fit, the next step is for me to pay you a visit. We’ll get to know one another, and I’ll familiarise myself with your culture, ethos and daily routines. I’ll explore your grounds to assess the light, identify photogenic features, and plan the best shoot locations. Then we’ll work together to customise your shoot – ensuring a seamless experience on photo day.


Simply drop me a line, and we can arrange a date. In the meantime, you can find out more about my approach to nursery and pre-school photography here – including answers to frequently asked questions.  

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