Nursery and preschool photographer, Somerset

Bespoke outdoor nursery and preschool photography: real emotions, beautifully captured

A child’s preschool years are precious. They’re a time of formation, fun, and new experiences. But they pass all too quickly: in the blink of an eye, your young charges are ready for a new adventure at school.


That’s why the early years are so important to capture. It is why I offer a fresh approach to nursery and preschool photography.


With an emphasis on outdoor portraiture, I create images that are informal, timeless and real. I use natural light and the nursery environment to tell the story of these formative years. Making the process relaxing and fun, I capture authentic emotions that reflect each child’s true character.  


The result is eye-catching images that are treasured by parents and enhance the value of your nursery or preschool brand.

Why me?

I’m a mum to young children myself, and a seasoned family photographer. This gives me the instincts and experience to engage with children effectively, and to work with patience, understanding and good humour.


Here are some of the other benefits of booking me as your nursery or preschool photographer:


A bespoke shoot. I visit your setting to find out more about your culture, ethos and timetable. Then I tailor your experience to reflect this.

Personal service. I work with a limited number of nurseries and preschools. This enables me to deliver a personal and professional service, building good relationships with nursery staff.

Data protection: I take great care with the information I hold. Encrypted online photo storage and password-protected galleries mean that every child’s data is secure. 

No sales admin: once a shoot has taken place, parents and families deal with me direct. Images are purchased via my online ordering service – so there’s no need for nursery staff to collect order forms or payments.

Wide choice of images: I allow plenty of time for each shoot, which results in a good variety of images of each child.

Value for money: I offer high-quality prints and digital images at competitive nursery and preschool rates.

I don’t rush: I put aside a generous amount of time for each nursery or preschool shoot. This allows the flexibility to work around your timetable and routines, meaning that each shoot is relaxed and unhurried.

Your choice of ‘thank you’ gift: as an expression of thanks, I offer nurseries and preschools the option of 10% commission on net profits, or complimentary staff headshots/commercial photography by arrangement.

How I work

Before the shoot.

The first step is to hold a pre-shoot consultation at your setting. I ask you about the nursery’s values, familiarise myself with your timetable and routines, and get to know the nursery staff. I also explore the outdoor areas to find suitable photo shoot locations, and identify any indoor spots that we can use as back-up in bad weather.


At this meeting, we plan out the photo shoot – ensuring that there is enough time to photograph each child at a relaxed pace.


During the shoot.

I customise each shoot to the routines of the setting. That way, the process slots seamlessly and unobtrusively into the nursery timetable.


Typically, we divide children into small groups. A keyworker accompanies me to the outdoor locations that I’ve identified, and I photograph each child in turn. I work with nursery staff to bring out the ‘real’ child, and encourage the other children in the group to get involved too. 


I usually start by taking a couple of posed shots of each child, then move on to take more candid photographs.


After the shoot

Once the photo shoot is complete, I select and edit the best photographs of each child and upload them to a private online gallery.


At this point, parents use a unique code to log into their child’s gallery, and choose the images and products they would like to purchase. If parents have more than one child at the setting, they can view all of their images together, and take advantage of bulk-buying discounts.


Digital files are downloadable by parents upon payment. Print orders can either be sent in a batch to the nursery (for free, if ordered before the batch shipping deadline), or delivered direct to parents (for a small postage charge).

Kind words

“The days that Sarah came in to nursery were relaxed yet professional, and most importantly lots of fun! Sarah certainly knows her stuff and came prepared in all weathers with her own props and bundles of enthusiasm. This resulted in really beautiful and unique photos that our families were absolutely thrilled with.”

- Cleo Wilson, Manager, Little Boots Day Nursery

We are absolutely delighted with our daughters' photos that Sarah took whilst they were at nursery. They are unique, fun, and captures the girls' individual personalities.

Sarah connects with the children, and makes them feel at ease.

- Sarah W, parent

Absolutely beautiful photos! I found it difficult to choose between all the different ones Sarah took. She manages to capture my children looking natural, relaxed and happy. They are the best professional photos of my children that I’ve had done. Highly recommended photography!

- Laura D, parent

Nursery and preschool photography FAQs

Are you insured?

Yes. I have professional indemnity cover of £1 million, and public and products liability of £5 million

What if it rains?

Although I try to photograph children outdoors, this isn't always possible in the case of inclement weather. That is why I always agree a back-up plan with each setting.

Usually this will involve identifying an appropriate indoor spot for photographs, and setting up the conditions for some posed and candid portraits.

Do you photograph siblings?

Yes. If two or more siblings attend the same setting, I photograph them both individually and together.

How do you ensure data protection?

I take data protection very seriously. Here are some of the steps I take to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws: - I only photograph children whose parents or guardians have given prior permission to the nursery or preschool setting - I don't need to know any personal information about the children I photograph, beyond their first name - I upload nursery images to an encrypted online system. Each child has their own gallery, which can only be accessed using a unique code. So, parents will only be able to see images of their own children (with the exception of group photographs). - My privacy policy, which complies with data protection and privacy laws, can be viewed here.

How far do you travel?

I'm based near Ilminster, Somerset, but also cover areas in Devon and West Dorset.

Do you offer incentives?

Yes. I offer nurseries and preschools the option of 10% commission on net profits, or complimentary staff headshots/commercial photography.

Do you charge a fee to carry out a nursery or preschool shoot?

No. All profits come from the sale of images to parents and families

Do you use studio backdrops?

No. I'm an environmental photographer, which means that I use the nursery and its surroundings as the backdrop to my images.