Somerset-based outdoor portrait photographer specialising in dogs and children

Your story, beautifully told

You know that moment you swore never to forget? When the sun glinted in the eyes of a loved one or the dog leapt majestically through a crystal-clear stream? When your children were genuinely delighted to be in each other’s company and the whole world aligned to the melody of your shared lives?

I bet those moments are etched in your mind. If you close your eyes you can conjure the emotions, imagine the laughter, sense the glee.

But can you remember the detail, really? The way the light played in pools around your feet, or made your daughter’s hair glow in a halo above her head. The way the colours of the wildflowers danced before your eyes, or the golden bracken burst alight in the fading autumn sun.

It’s my job to capture that detail, to find the moments that tell the story of your life. That way, you’ll have more than memories to treasure. You’ll have a piece of art, imbued with a profound sense that you’ve lived a good life, in the company of the people and animals you love.

My process

I photograph you in places where you can relish each other's companionship. I use light and locations creatively to capture you all at your best.

My relaxed shoots ensue at your pace, with plenty of encouragement to be yourselves. Once we’ve spent a few minutes together, you may well forget I’m even there.

Then I help you select the artwork that best captures your memories, working out where and how to display it in your home.

Which means all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment. And with my help, this is one you really will never forget.

A bit about me


For as long as I can remember, my life has been lived through a lens. The excitement of framing a shot, the anticipation of waiting to see the outcome, the joy of seeing the finished results in print: all have been constants in my photographic journey. 


Professionally, I've led a varied life: I've been a linguist and a lawyer, a copywriter and a complaints-resolver. But it’s the click of the shutter that fires me up – capturing moments that have the power to last forever.


If there’s one thing that spurred me on to change my focus, it was the arrival of my own children. In all the rush, I realised how easy it is to miss the small stuff that really counts.

So, I took the plunge. I pooled all of my experience, upgraded my photographic equipment and invested in training. The result is a business that brings out the very best in me – and captures the very best of you.

Somerset photographer, Sarah Gibson