From concept to canvas: bringing your family's photos to life

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I’m a full-service family photographer. This means that I offer a bespoke photography and design service from the moment you first contact me until your favourite photographs are hung on your wall. Here's how it works:

Step 1

Initial consultation

Before you book me, I'll come to your home to find out more about you and your family. We'll talk about your personalities, your interests, and what you enjoy doing together.


We'll also discuss what you're hoping for from your shoot: the types of photographs that you'd like, where you'd like to display them, and the type of artwork that you're looking for. I'll show you some sample products, and we can work out how best to use your budget.


If you'd like to commission me, it's at this point that you pay a session fee to confirm your booking.

Step 2

Preparing for your shoot

Next, I'll think carefully about locations. If there's a particular spot that you'd like to use, I'll pay it a visit: I'll research where and how the natural light falls, and consider which areas will provide the best backdrop for your family photographs. And if you'd like to use one of my tried-and-tested locations, I'll have a think about how best to use it for your shoot.

At this stage, I also send you a guide to help you prepare for your shoot. It contains advice about outfits, and tips on how to prepare young children. It also gives you an idea of what to expect on the day.

Step 3

Your photo shoot

As we’ll already know each other, there will be no need to break the ice. And as I’ll have prepared in advance, we can get straight on with the business of capturing your authentic family moments.

I usually start with a few gently directed shots, then move on to take more candid images of your family's interactions.

It's important that everyone enjoys the shoot, as this is the way that we'll capture the most natural moments. So I might encourage young children to play a game, or have a race, or splash in some puddles.

Throughout the shoot, I'll be thinking about how you'd like to display your images – that way, you'll have plenty to choose from that fit the bill.

Step 4

Editing and wall design

With your family's photographs taken, I get down to the business of editing them. I select and individually edit around 30 of the very best shots, and prepare them for viewing.


If you have a wall to fill, I design mock-ups to show you what your images will look like once they're hung. If you wish, I can design these against an image of your actual wall - that way, you'll have a true picture of how your artwork will look in your home.

Step 5

Your viewing and ordering appointment

Around two to three weeks after your shoot, your viewing and ordering session takes place. I come to your house, play a slideshow of your gallery and display any wall mock-ups I've prepared. I bring my product samples again, so that you can make informed choices. Then we select your favourite images, and decide how to display them.

With your products and favourite images chosen, I carry out a final edit to remove unwanted details such as mucky mouths or runny noses. Then I design proofs of your artwork for approval, before submitting your order to be created.

Step 6

Delivery of your artwork

The final step of the process – and the very best one at that – is the creation of your artwork. Around 3 weeks after placing your order (timescales depend on products chosen), I arrive on your doorstep with your chosen products.


They'll be ready to display or hang, so you can start enjoying them straight away.